Thursday, March 3, 2011


So when I went to London I went and saw Wicked my all time favorite musical.It was as wonderful as the Ozians think or thought the wizard was.Anyways I do have a few disappointments including the fact that I cant see it again,but in all seriousness I think that Fiyero having to become unattractive in the form of a scarecrow in order to be with Elphaba was a bit unjustified but thats the Grimmerie for you he got a better ending than in the book.I did find all the Wizard of Oz puns funny "theres no place like home".My favorite songs were Dancing Through Life, Popular,No Good Deed ,For Good and Defying Gravity but I wish we got to see more of the relationship between Fiyero and Elphaba.My favourite scene was the lion cub scene when Elphaba is toss tossing her hair and Fiyero says shes been galinda-fied and she doesn't need to do that which shows that he might like her for who she is.I loved the show and defiantly want to see it again next time I'm in London.For those who haven't seen it here is the trailer!
The costumes are amazing so I recommend this show for everyone to go see this!Lets hop into our bubbles and fly to Oz! this is another trailer  write your thoughts down in the comment box!
Lots of love and Pixie Dust
Ciao for now -Carla
PS: who do you think you are?I think I am glinda at least from the books where she is smarter but also in the musical maybe just a smarter version of her in the musical but i do care a lot about things so maybe in the musical i would be a strange mix between glinda and elphaba(a bit more of Glinda as i can be a bit of a ditz) thoughts???

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