Saturday, March 5, 2011

Can People Be Born Evil?

Can People Be Born Evil? Does Evil Even Exist? When one asks themselves either question a bunch of blanks enter my mind.I believe humanity is capable of great goodness and horrid evilness. Wikipedia defines Evil as "Evil is the intention or effect of causing harm or destruction, usually specifically from the perception of deliberately violating some moral code."
What I gather from this is that you have to intend to do harm most people who cause harm don't think about what they are doing until its too late and they have crossed the bridge.It is possible to be born with damage to the frontal lobe of your brain that can make you unable to empathise or feel guilt this can obviously lead to doing whatever just to get what you want even killing.This is the closest thing to "Evil" in this world in my opinion.

Many people are not born evil but they do have evilness thrust upon them whether they got brutally bullied or abused as a child or adolescent.I don't think this makes them Evil per say but I do think it makes them do bad things because their mind is so damaged and that was caused by external environmental factors.

This I believe shows that people can be both born "evil" or can be turned "evil" because of this cruel world.When I was younger and more idealistic than I am now I thought that babies were born pure and good.However as you grow up and read more and attempt to educate yourself and stop acting stupid you realize that a lot of who you are as a person comes from genetics(I realized that my love for fashion came from my uncle and greatgranny who were both fashion designers or the fact that I might just get my partial snobbishness from a great uncle).

Since I read "The Bad Seed" which is fictional but a great book which I definitely recommended I kind of realized that sociopathy can possibly be passed down generation through generation.

Thoughts opinions ??? Write them down below.This was a shorter blog but there is just too much to cover on this subject so ask questions so I can add my answer in the blog.

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