Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Procrastinator’s Creed

Sorry for not updating in so long but I thought this would be appropriate!!!!!!

The Procrastinator’s Creed

1. I believe that if anything is worth doing, it would have been done already.
2. I shall never move quickly, except to avoid more work or find excuses.
3. I will never rush into a job without a lifetime of consideration.
4. I shall meet all of my deadlines directly in proportion to the amount of bodily injury I could expect to receive from missing them.
5. I firmly believe that tomorrow holds the possibility for new technologies, astounding discoveries, and a reprieve from my obligations.
6. I truly believe that all deadlines are unreasonable regardless of the amount of time given.
7. I shall never forget that the probability of a miracle, though infinitesimally small, is not exactly zero.
8. If at first I don’t succeed, there is always next year.
9. I shall always decide not to decide, unless of course I decide to change my mind.
10. I shall always begin, start, initiate, take the first step, and/or write the first word, when I get around to it.
11. I obey the law of inverse excuses which demands that the greater the task to be done, the more insignificant the work that must be done prior to beginning the greater task.
12. I know that the work cycle is not plan/start/finish, but is wait/wait/plan.
13. I will never put off until tomorrow, what I can forget about forever.
14. I will become a member of the Ancient Order of Two-Headed Turtles (the Procrastinator’s Society) if they ever get it organized.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Can People Be Born Evil?

Can People Be Born Evil? Does Evil Even Exist? When one asks themselves either question a bunch of blanks enter my mind.I believe humanity is capable of great goodness and horrid evilness. Wikipedia defines Evil as "Evil is the intention or effect of causing harm or destruction, usually specifically from the perception of deliberately violating some moral code."
What I gather from this is that you have to intend to do harm most people who cause harm don't think about what they are doing until its too late and they have crossed the bridge.It is possible to be born with damage to the frontal lobe of your brain that can make you unable to empathise or feel guilt this can obviously lead to doing whatever just to get what you want even killing.This is the closest thing to "Evil" in this world in my opinion.

Many people are not born evil but they do have evilness thrust upon them whether they got brutally bullied or abused as a child or adolescent.I don't think this makes them Evil per say but I do think it makes them do bad things because their mind is so damaged and that was caused by external environmental factors.

This I believe shows that people can be both born "evil" or can be turned "evil" because of this cruel world.When I was younger and more idealistic than I am now I thought that babies were born pure and good.However as you grow up and read more and attempt to educate yourself and stop acting stupid you realize that a lot of who you are as a person comes from genetics(I realized that my love for fashion came from my uncle and greatgranny who were both fashion designers or the fact that I might just get my partial snobbishness from a great uncle).

Since I read "The Bad Seed" which is fictional but still...is a great book which I definitely recommended I kind of realized that sociopathy can possibly be passed down generation through generation.

Thoughts opinions ??? Write them down below.This was a shorter blog but there is just too much to cover on this subject so ask questions so I can add my answer in the blog.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Favourite Animals Part 2

I love swallows their tail feathers are awesome ! The swallow is symbolic of hope, fertility and renewal of life. Another symbol of the love goddess, Venus, the Roman’s believed it was extremely unlucky to harm a sparrow.

Owls By far my favourite birds.The owl is sacred to the Greek goddess of learning, Athena and is even depiction some Greco-Roman currency as a symbol of status, intelligence and of course, wealth.
In ancient Egyptian, Celtic, and Hindu cultures the symbolic meaning of owl revolved around guardianship of the underworlds, and a protection of the dead.
In this light the owl was ruler of the night and seer of souls. A misunderstanding of this necessary relationship gave the owl some negative associations with death.Owls Symbolize Wisdom,Mystery,Transition,Messages,Intelligence,Mysticism,Protection and Secrets

Anyhoo thats all for now 
Lots of Love and Pixie Dust
Ciao -Carla

Birds and Other Animals I Adore

Marqesa Snowflake King

This is my westie Marqesa so she is obviously first on my list


 I love Peacocks they are amazing the colors are amazing !!!The peacock is a possessor of some of the most admired human characteristics, and is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colour.It is also symbolic of Glory, Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening,Immortality, Refinement and Incorruptibility the two latter traits are the ones I hope to emulate. 

Blue Jay
I adore the blue jay who is also one of my favourite birds.Like the crow, magpie and raven, blue jays are talkative creatures utilizing a wide range of vocalizations to express their opinions. Indeed, their speech abilities are so advanced, that they are able to mimic other birds and even humans. Blue jay’s have been known to mimic hawk calls as a ploy to lure these birds of prey away from jay’s nests.People who have this animal as their totem have the gift of the gab.Symbolism of the blue jay includes,Loquaciousness,Communication,Determination,Assertiveness,Faithfulness,Intelligence,Advantage,Curiosity,Vibrancy,Clarity and Energy.Apart from the raven this Is the animal I think I embody the most.

The raven isn't really the animal I would have put in the list if i hadn't read its symbolism.The raven is symbolic of mind, thought and wisdom according to Norse legend, as their god Odin was accompanied by two ravens: Hugin who represented the power of thoughtand active search for information. The other raven, Mugin represented the mind, and its ability to intuit meaning rather than hunting for it. Odin would send these two ravens out each day to soar across the lands. At day's end, they would return to Odin and speak to him of all they had spied upon and learned on their journeys.
Odin was also known as the Raven God. He had many daughters known as Valkyries who could transform into ravens . I like to think Valkyries would ride as ravens after a bloody battle and whisper to the souls of fallen Norse warriors to raise up from their bodies come with them, where they would soar the skies to Valhalla. What a trip back home that would be.

xoxo this is just part 1 

Lots of Love and Pixie Dust -Carla

Thinking too much

One of the things about myself that really annoys me is the fact that I think too much.Its not in an obsessive manner I just think a lot about things especially after they happen i'll make a rash decision normally the right one but I'll ponder for days or even weeks about it.Each time I read Harry Potter I spend days thinking about the characters.I'll google a bunch of stuff related to Harry Potter or A Series Of Unfortunate Events(which I recently re-read) or wicked.But its not just movies or books or musicals sometimes its just situations.I was even like this about collage when I was 13.I get so irritated with myself and just wish I could shut my brain down and stop thinking about insert blank. Any thoughts write below...

Thursday, March 3, 2011


One of the misconceptions people make about me that drives me crazy is that I "judge" or "critisize" people which I dont I think I do.I just percieve and tell it how I think it is.Judge means to "Evaluate. Form a critical opinion of". Perceive means "To see, to be aware of, to understand".For somthings of course I judge(examples bullies or racist people two quality's  I cant stand but even then I just think that the actions are wrong and that there is good inside the person) .But judging implys that you care what someone else does and i don't  as long as its their life and they aren't hurting anyone or themselves why should I care? I might care but I dont think I look down on anyone. Things that I may be pointing out. obvious things about someone can make them uncomforable so they go on some tangent saying "don't criticize me" criticize means to Indicate the faults of (someone or something) in a disapproving way I may say things which I think are true but I hardley ever disapprove of actions as long as they aren't causing harm.my tangent is over thoughts go below!
Lots Of Love And Pixie Dust
xoxo Ciao for now -Carla


So when I went to London I went and saw Wicked my all time favorite musical.It was as wonderful as the Ozians think or thought the wizard was.Anyways I do have a few disappointments including the fact that I cant see it again,but in all seriousness I think that Fiyero having to become unattractive in the form of a scarecrow in order to be with Elphaba was a bit unjustified but thats the Grimmerie for you he got a better ending than in the book.I did find all the Wizard of Oz puns funny "theres no place like home".My favorite songs were Dancing Through Life, Popular,No Good Deed ,For Good and Defying Gravity but I wish we got to see more of the relationship between Fiyero and Elphaba.My favourite scene was the lion cub scene when Elphaba is toss tossing her hair and Fiyero says shes been galinda-fied and she doesn't need to do that which shows that he might like her for who she is.I loved the show and defiantly want to see it again next time I'm in London.For those who haven't seen it here is the trailer!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4yZk7Zm0Dk&feature=related
The costumes are amazing so I recommend this show for everyone to go see this!Lets hop into our bubbles and fly to Oz!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP6DX9lxlZ4 this is another trailer  write your thoughts down in the comment box!
Lots of love and Pixie Dust
Ciao for now -Carla
PS: who do you think you are?I think I am glinda at least from the books where she is smarter but also in the musical maybe just a smarter version of her in the musical but i do care a lot about things so maybe in the musical i would be a strange mix between glinda and elphaba(a bit more of Glinda as i can be a bit of a ditz) thoughts???

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New years resolutions

I found my list and i was super disappointed I didn't do any of them I think next year I will have to frame the list or something thoughts??

Finding yourself

Finding yourself is never easy, but I went from knowing who I was(thinking I know) to not having a clue who I am or what exactly I want to aspire to be.What I do know however is that I'm positivity terrified of being average I think I just want to be me but, that me will be enough to be something other that terribly mediocre.I have such varied interests and these days if you don't fit into a stereotype it's hard to know where you do.Evidently when you think about how insignificant you are on this planet the other 6 billion people around you it does allow for things to come into perspective.This reminds me that in 70ish years saying I will live till I'm 85, I'll be dead and gone is just a bit comforting reminding me to live life and have fun yet make something of myself.I partially agree with the childfree movement(I'd love to get married though) since I don't really like babies but perhaps it would be easier to have children with someone who loves and is besotted by me and simply project my hopes dreams and aspirations onto them thoughts???

Lots of love and Pixie Dust
Ciao for now