Monday, May 16, 2011

Racism Discrimination and other Terrible things... how evil and nasty humans get when things are not looked at through a rose colored screen

How evil and nasty humans get when things are not looked at through a rose colored screen

I have just watched prime time.All this racism on taxi drivers saying things like "go back to your country" or "why are you here" or "stop stealing our jobs" really annoys me. It didn't seem to matter when the Celtic tiger was around!But now that he's dead we all regressed to our stupid Neanderthal selves.
                                                                  We didn't mind handing out minimum wage jobs to foreigners or paying them below minimum wage to be a nanny or housecleaner.Exploiting those who may not have the best english or simply have no other options but to let people abuse them.
                                                                    Recently someone told my mom this at her shop she snappily replied "I'm an Irish citizen".My mom is way overqualified or her job having a university degree in interior design and nursing yet a minority think its okay to treat her like crap because she has an accent.
                                                                     We Irish many of whom are too lazy to learn a foreign language(let alone Irish) because they think english is the only language they need are content moving to England or Australia or Canada or the states.With so many of our people leaving Ireland and so called "stealing" those citizens jobs you'd think we would be okay with legal immigration since we seem to be fine with emigration.                                    I do not wish to paint every person on our Emerald island as horrible people but a small minority really think this.And that small minority have a foul sense of entitlement.
                                                                      All I ask is that next time you meet someone from a different country show decency and appreciate that they learned your language when you probably wouldn't learn theirs .
                                                                       You should also realize that the government you voted or is the main reason for letting these people in.Ireland opened its doors and let in far too many people when the new countries were added to the European union.While other countries such as Germany and France controlled the amount the Irish just wanted the lower paid and unskilled jobs to go to someone else.
                                                                        You voted(the majority) for our joke of government  fianna fail.So no one should take it out on the hard working fellow humans who decide to live hear and help our economy. 

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