Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finding yourself

Finding yourself is never easy, but I went from knowing who I was(thinking I know) to not having a clue who I am or what exactly I want to aspire to be.What I do know however is that I'm positivity terrified of being average I think I just want to be me but, that me will be enough to be something other that terribly mediocre.I have such varied interests and these days if you don't fit into a stereotype it's hard to know where you do.Evidently when you think about how insignificant you are on this planet the other 6 billion people around you it does allow for things to come into perspective.This reminds me that in 70ish years saying I will live till I'm 85, I'll be dead and gone is just a bit comforting reminding me to live life and have fun yet make something of myself.I partially agree with the childfree movement(I'd love to get married though) since I don't really like babies but perhaps it would be easier to have children with someone who loves and is besotted by me and simply project my hopes dreams and aspirations onto them thoughts???

Lots of love and Pixie Dust
Ciao for now

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