Friday, April 29, 2011

Strange Food

We have all heard the stories, someone finds Jesus,Madonna or Lady Gaga's face on something. I can understand on a sandwich cause its large and sometimes hard to miss (but I problem wouldn't even notice).However someone found Kate Middleton's face on a jelly bean.I saw the jelly bean It does look like her and apparently its getting sold for £500.00.But seriously?... a Jelly bean how do you even see that I hate to think of all the times I ate something that may have a famous persons face on it and lost money 'cause I didn't look.
Thoughts? do you check your food ?
If so comment below.
Lots of Love 
Pixie dust! 
I am loving Kate Middleton's Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen Ivory dress with lace applique didnt think she wold go for a McQueen(granted it was still safe) But it was the designer I was hoping for! and her hair is down(in a demi chingon)  She looked so beautiful and they both looked soooool happy.
I could only watch the beginning cause I get too nervous to continue so happy she picked the Alexander McQueen! Thoughts on this also !

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